To really appreciate Sorolla's paintings one needs to see the original works of art, for example at the Sorolla Museum in Madrid or the Hispanic Society Museum in New York. However, as not everyone can obviously travel to Madrid, New York or some of the other galleries that hold his pictures (see links) I wanted to include a selection of some of my favourite paintings on this site.


I have tried to source paintings that are as faithful as possible to the originals.

Another Marguerite! 1892. 129 x 198cm

And they Still say Fish is Expensive! 1894. 151 x 204 cm

Return from Fishing. 1894. 265 x 325cm

White Slave Trade. 1895. 166 x 194 cm

Mending the Sail. 1896. 222 x 300cm

Sad Inheritance, 1899

Afternoon Sun. 1903. 299 x 441cm

The Photographer. 1903. 100 x 66cm

Sewing the Sail. 1904. 93 x 130cm

The White Boat. 1905. 105 x 150cm

Watching the Fish. 1907. 80 x 105cm

Bathtime, Valencia. 1909

The Horse's Bath. 1909. 205 x 250cm

Making of: The Horse's Bath. 1909

Self-Portrait (detail). 1909. 70 x 50cm

Beached Boats. 1915. 100 x 120cm

After Bathing. 1915. 130 x 155cm

Valencian Fishergirl. 1916. 46 x 37cm

Children on the Beach. 1916

Making of: Children on the Beach. 1916

The Pink Robe. 1916. 208 x 126 cm

The Inquisitive Child. 1916. 73 x 63cm

Elche, The Palm Grove. 1918. 350 x 321cm

Hanging the panels back in New York

Ayamonte, The Tuna Catch, 1919

Incredible size of paintings

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